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3 Hair and Skin Trends to Watch

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The texturizing powder trend is being marketed and searched for as a product for men.

Spate has released the top growing trends based on its data report, showing some repeat trends seen in early quarantine. 

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1. Exfoliating toners

In May 2020, The Ordinary drove interest for exfoliating toners. The brand's association with it has declined since, but consumers are still demonstrating strong search interest for the overall trend. 

Exfoliating toners have become a medium-sized trend on its own. On average, there are 21.2K searches for exfoliating toner in the United States every month, and interest has grown 67% since last year.

2. Apple cider vinegar hair rinses

This trend saw a spike in March 2020, during the early stages of lockdown and although searches are slowing down, this trend is worth keeping an eye on in case it does come back stronger this year.

On average, there are 27.3K searches for apple cider vinegar rinse in the United States every month, and interest has grown 19.1% since last year. Cantu is the top associated brand, however, is not seeing the same growth.

3. Texturizing powder

On average, there are 7.1K searches for texturizing powder in the United States every month, and interest has grown 23.3% since last year.

The texturizing powder trend is mainly driven by searches for men's hair with Slick Gorilla owning this trend.

Consumers are seeking out this product as a volumizing and mattifying solution with additional searches including how to use these products indicating an opportunity for content creation.

Searches for the product are still quite niche, but demand is growing at a sustained rate. 

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