Luxe Pack and Make Up In Announce New Partnership


A new partnership has been announced between Infopro Digital, known for its Luxe Pack trade shows in Monaco, New York and Shanghai, and Beauteam, responsible for the “Make Up in…” events in Paris, New York, Seoul Sao Paulo and Los Angeles.

Infopro Digital states, the companies were brought together by a passion for beauty and luxury and a desire to organize quality events that put “business first” for marketing, R&D and purchasing leaders in the beauty industry.

Christophe Czajka, executive chairman and founder of Infopro Digital, said, “We are delighted with this merger. Synergies between the teams will further increase our power of action in these trades and the sector. They will enable to offer professionals the best in terms of expertise, and this, whatever the country."

Co-founders of Beauteam, Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, commented by saying, "This merger with the Infopro Digital Group offers a synergy between the Luxe Pack and Make Up In trade shows, which will enable to extend the footprint of these events internationally in several countries wishing to host them.”

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