AGI/Klearfold Introduces Corn-Based Cartons

AGI/Klearfold introduced NatureSource Visual Packaging, plastic folding cartons made from corn. According to the company, NatureSource Visual Packaging is North America’s first commercially viable, high-performance plastic carton made from NatureWorks PLA (polylactide), a versatile, corn-based polymer. In addition to offering desirable environmental benefits, NatureSource Visual Packaging has clarity and durability to aid brand performance.

“This is an exciting, historic moment in packaging technology development,” says Patrick McGee, director of marketing, AGI/Klearfold. “AGI/Klearfold’s 25 years of material and process development experience, structural-design expertise, and manufacturing excellence were essential in bringing to fruition this groundbreaking project. NatureSource Visual Packaging is emblematic of our commitment to developing new products that have the integrity and graphic requirements for high-performance packaging applications.”

NatureSource Visual Packaging is created in partnership with NatureWorks LLC, in Minneapolis, Minnesota that makes the PLA resins. BI-AX International, Inc., in Ontario, Canada, in an exclusive agreement with AGI/Klearfold, manufactures the box-grade PLA substrate that AGI/Klearfold converts into folding cartons.

NatureSource cartons can be printed using offset, flexo, or silk screen or any combination of those printing processes, and can be embossed and hot or cold foil stamped for enhanced brand appeal.

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