Say Media Launches xoJane Website

Say Media announced the launch of, a women’s beauty property. With direction from women's publishing visionary Jane Pratt, founder and editor-in-chief of, the site will cover beauty trends, tips and how-tos from an eclectic cast of editors, with the thoughtful, honest voice that readers have come to love and expect from the xoJane brand.

“Our xoJane readers are super passionate about beauty content and love hearing what new products and tricks our editors are using, as well as how our team creates looks and has fun with beauty every day,” says Pratt. “The xoVain staff will share their favorite beauty secrets and the topics they care about, with the same authentic approach readers have come to expect from xoJane. They have been clamoring for a vibrant community where they can share honest, powerful, first-person beauty stories, and we are so happy to be able to give it to them with xoVain.”

xoVain will feature product reviews, tutorials and tips and provide an intimate view of life from its editors, addressing the unique needs of all women, ranging from the makeup-obsessed to natural beauties, and from date night to s day at the office. Beauty will become the centerpiece of stories told by the editors, so that readers understand these experiences as a mirror on their own lives. The site will provide a collaborative platform where readers can interact directly with the editors and each other.

The site also will be teeming with beauty content, including an array of products that readers can easily browse and buy directly from select online retailers. These products can be purchased individually or as part of the complete look recommended in each post. Every item will also have their own product detail page, with editorial and community reviews, where readers can click through to the retailer to buy instantly.

“In less than two years, Jane and her cast of characters have amassed an obsessive following that engages with the site constantly. xoVain is the natural evolution of the xoJane brand,” said Kim Kelleher, president of Say Media. “Thanks to the new tools and platform we have developed at Say Media, it’s never been easier for readers to interact, purchase and discover. Beauty devotees will love what they see on xoVain.”

“Jane Pratt continues to influence and inspire countless readers with her signature truth-telling, bold style,” said Maybelline New York vice president Ali Goldstein. “Maybelline New York is excited for her latest platform, xoVain, which truly speaks to the core of our brand. Maybelline New York wants to empower women to make their own statement with products that are innovative, effortless and accessible; Jane Pratt’s vision for xoVain will do just that.”

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