Blissim, Former French Birchbox, Gaining New Investor

Blissim's new investment will fuel European expansion.
Blissim's new investment will fuel European expansion.

In January 2020, Birchbox’s French branch was acquired by JolieBox, rendering it independent from the parent Birchbox organization. In September 2020, the French branch was renamed BlissimNow comes news that Raise Group's Raise Investissement is negotiating with Blissim shareholders to acquire a minority stake.

(In October 2021, FemTec Health acquired the main branch of Birchbox to accelerate its growth.)  

Current Blissim shareholders reportedly include "the management of Blissim, Otium Capital and Trocadero Capital Partners."

The Raise Investissement investment would reportedly support further growth into new European markets.

Blissim reportedly boasts more than 200,000 monthly subscribers and offers more than 300 brands on its e-commerce platform.

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