Beyond Beauty Paris and Organic Monitor Sign Partnership Agreement

Beyond Beauty Paris and Organic Monitor signed a strategic partnership agreement with to create Natural Beauty Summit Europe, which will focus on natural cosmetics and sustainable development. The event, according to the organizers, will help clarify what what natural cosmetics actually are: from formulation to marketing, via regulations and sector investments.

The goals of the event, held November 29-30 and December 1 in conjunction with the Beyond Beauty Paris event, is to promote:

• Understanding of natural cosmetic products and for learning to overcome the problems relating to the formulation of natural cosmetics,
• Evaluating the market potential of natural cosmetics,
• Studying the importance of sustainable development in the cosmetics industry and discovering lasting,practical and profitable initiatives,
• Developing market strategies intended to increase business and improving knowledge of the investment possibilities being offered to cosmetics companies,
• Mastering the differences between the standards applicable to natural and organic products and analyzing the potential for organic and fair-trade cosmetics.

Two days of summit meetings will followed by an interactive workshop called “The challenge of natural cosmetics: ingredients and formulation.”

Additional information is here.
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