Ecobiotys Picks Up Another Award at in-cosmetics Asia


Silab’s Ecobiotys received the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient Gold Award at in-cosmetics Asia.

Ecobiotys is obtained from the yeast of Metschnikowia reukaufii, isolated from the nectar of the porcelain flower Hoya carnosa. It specifically rebalances the microbiota of mature skin by reinforcing the immune and mechanical barriers of the skin and acting on the distribution of bacterial communities, improving the quality of the skin barrier and enhancing the complexion.

“Today we welcome the second prize for Ecobiotys with great satisfaction as it embodies a real recognition, showing that our approach to microbiota is unprecedented and innovative,” said Brigitte Closs, deputy managing director, research and development, Silab. “Indeed, as specialists in mastering nature and biotechnologies, we have chosen to take a cross-cutting approach to this theme by using the microbiota of plants, and more specifically that of floral nectar (Nectarobiota), in order to develop an active ingredient able to act on the skin microbiota.”

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