Morton Salt Company Debuts Beauty Products

Morton Salt, most commonly known for its culinary salts, has introduced a new line of Natural Epsom Salt products, marking its first foray into the health and beauty category.

As demand for natural health and beauty care products continues to increase, Morton's expertise in the salt industry makes it uniquely positioned to break into the beauty industry with Morton Natural Epsom Salt products, which help provide relief as a soaking solution for minor aches and sprains.

"The epsom salt category has seen sustained growth over the past few years, presenting an opportunity for Morton Salt to begin leveraging its ubiquitous brand equity with the health and beauty shopper," said Carol Panozzo, vice president of consumer products sales and marketing at Morton Salt.

Morton Natural Epsom Salt products are currently on store shelves in select drug and retail chains nationwide and in various regional chains. In addition to the health and beauty aisle, some of the products are sold online on and on Morton's website.

Morton's new Epsom Salt line includes four core products, which are made with natural magnesium sulfate. Morton Natural Epsom Salt (Plain) serves the functional need of soothing minor aches and sprains when soaking in a bath of hot water and Morton Epsom Salt, and Morton Natural Epsom Salt with Lavender or Eucalyptus fragrances offer a pleasant sensory experience that can help promote relaxation while soothing minor aches and sprains. Also, Morton Unscented Epsom Lotion is a unique and concentrated formula that delivers Epsom salt in a lotion format.

"Prior to the launch of our new Epsom salt product line, more than half of the consumers we surveyed believed that we were already a player in the health and beauty category, which demonstrates the power of the Morton brand," Panozzo added.

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