Showering, Shampooing and Bathing: Euromonitor Tracks Global Hygiene Trends

Euromonitor International released a graphic from its recently available excerpt of its “Personal Appearances Survey 2014,” a survey the market data researcher undertook to gain insights on the personal care and grooming habits of different consumers around the world. This included shopping and purchasing habits, product use, and grooming techniques and behaviors. (A download of the excerpt is available through this link.)

This graphic targets hygiene habits involved in bathing. Global Bathing Habits asks the question, “What countries shampoo with every shower?” noting the regional showering habits and how showering and shampooing correlate. Mexico seems to lead the way in terms of weekly shampoos, while Brazil sees the most weekly showers.

Additionally, the graphic shares information on countries that take the most weekly immersed baths. India leads the pack, with Japan, Indonesia and the Middle East close behind. Euromonitor also shares that 43% of global consumers take a sponge bath at least once a day.

More information on the “Personal Appearances Survery 2014” can be found here.

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