Majenye Launches Crystal-infused Beauty Brand

Majenye offers hand-crafted products.
Majenye offers hand-crafted products.

Majenye, a DC-based beauty and wellness brand with a focus on crystal-infused and aromatic products, has launched.

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Majenye creates formulas that combine botanicals, superfoods, essential oils and natural minerals. It incorporates vegan, cruelty-free ingredients sourced from fair trade suppliers and each product is free of harmful chemicals and parabens.

The brand’s collection features an assortment of skin care, hair care, bath and home products that are all handcrafted, such as:

  • Bombshell Whipped Souffle: this whipped and lightweight moisturizer is said to hydrate, restore and protect the skint. It is formulated with a blend of shea and mango butters, jasmine and a hint of vanilla.

  • Love Quartz Body Polish: a gentle exfoliant with finely ground rose quartz crystals and shea butter.

  • Saharan Musk Coconut Wax Candle: this clean-burning coconut wax candle is hand-poured and accented with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla, bergamot and clove.

  • Sea Moss Bar: enhanced with essential oils, shea butter and sea moss, this moisturizing formula works to soften, tone, and minimize the appearance of skin ailments. The bar is safe for daily use and for irritated, eczema-prone skin.

  • Luminescent Face Oil: this oil is said to target concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dark circles and fine lines. 

Yetunde Alabi, founder of Majenye, said, “Majenye was born out of my own struggles with my skin. After years of living in Florida and settling back in the north, my skin was chaotic: it wasn’t retaining moisture and I developed dry spots. That’s when I started searching for natural remedies to address my new-found skin concerns. When I began making my own products, I saw a difference immediately. And as a spiritual person, I’ve always been drawn to curating an energetic environment–my home is filled with crystals, palo santo, sage, and other elements that balance my energy, keep me positive and uplifted. So, I wanted to create a line that really spoke to those metaphysical qualities. After taking part in an accelerator program, I realized that I needed to fuse skincare and spirituality together. It was at that point that I decided to incorporate crystals and spiritual wellness into my brand mission. With a focus on creating small batches of magical goodness, Majenye offers an assortment of non-toxic, crystal-infused and therapeutic products crafted with a minimalist aesthetic to soothe the mind, body and spirit.”

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