Is this Really the "First Ever 100% Truly Natural" Face Wash?

JooMoo argues its formulations are truly natural, unlike the competition.
JooMoo argues its formulations are truly natural, unlike the competition.

It's nothing new to see a brand calling out others as a core of its marketing concept. Now comes JooMoo, a skin care brand that claims to have "developed the first ever 100% truly natural face wash."

The definition of natural has been a perennial issue in the beauty care industry. But JooMoo goes further, making claims that conventional skin care products are rife with cancer-related ingredients. Of course, the argument that natural materials are inherently safer than synthetics is one that doesn't hold up in the realm of science. Nonetheless, as a marketing concept it's potent and widespread.

In any case, JooMoo's natural face wash reportedly contains "a brilliant proprietary solution" to all-natural formulation challenges. Specifically, SaponinJ, a skin repair system that "enables the body/skin to revert to its natural state through pH balancing, oil and moisture regulation, electrolyte (salt) balancing, immune system regulation and skin cell regeneration."

SaponinJ is a mixture of saponins, essential oils, sea salt, natural sugars, natural pH modifiers, natural antioxidants, and natural softeners and emollients, according to the brand.

“What the industry experts had failed to do was look beyond the idea of individual ingredients serving one purpose only," said Nick Wallen, co-founder of JooMo. "The industry as a whole had got itself into a rut and could not look outside the way that it had always done things.”

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