Scrub, Serum and Smooth Out Perfect Brows


What it is: The Brow Collection by elke

Claims: The Brow Collection includes the Brow Scrub, Brow Serum and Brow Smooth and is formulated with growth hormones and synthetic peptides to provide the consumer with fuller, thicker brows for the summer. The Brow Scrub encourages hair growth by removing dead skin and preventing dryness at the root of the brow. The Brow Serum repairs and boosts eyebrow growth by breaking down dead scalp cells. The Brow Smooth hydrates and softens hair to allow eyebrows to become manageable and soft.

Key ingredients: Virgin coconut oil, sugar, aloe vera, pro-vitamin B5

Price: Brow Scrub ($21), Brow Serum ($24) and Brow Smooth ($19)

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