New Nail Trends Feature Gold, Unique Accents and More for 2013

The year 2013 is here, and it’s a time full of fresh fashions, healthy resolutions and new ways to style nails. Many nail trends of 2012 will fade and soon disappear from hands everywhere, but that leads to the hottest nail trends for 2013.

Nail expert and Custom Nail Solutions president Katie Saxton has the scoop on an array of fun and fabulous new nail styles that will soon be seen on all over the streets and runways. According to Saxton, the following styles will keep nails in tip-top shape and ensure they are ready to steal the spotlight.

  1. Two Tone French Manicure—This style exudes sophistication and classiness. It features painting nails any color and, then after they dry, adding a French tip with a contrasting polish.
  2. Sideways French Mani—Painting nails with a coat of polish and adding a different-colored vertical stripe on either the right or left side of each nail will be huge in 2013.
  3. One-Of-A-Kind French Tips—Changing out traditional white tips for animal print accents, colored tips, funky wrapped tips, polka-dot tips, bejeweled tips and beyond will be huge in the year 2013.
  4. Colored Metallic Nails—Jazz up nails with metallic polishes in colors like blue, red, and purple.
  5. Vibrant Orange—Painting nails in shades of orange like tangerine and orange-red will be a major trend of the year 2013.
  6. Holographic Nails—Shimmery polishes with a 3D effect will be the go-to nail design in 2013.
  7. Real Gold Top Coats—Adding a real gold-infused topcoat to a colorful manicure will ensure nails are ready for the paparazzi. And although more expensive than a typical clear topcoat, the gold flake topcoat is glitzy and glamorous.
  8. Half Moon Manicure—This classy manicure involves painting nails a certain color, letting them dry, and then covering the bottom halves of each nail with a hole reinforcer or a half-circle of tape, making certain that a semi-circle of paper/tape protrudes from the bottom of each nail. Then a coat of a different-colored polish is added over the paper/tape covering and the rest of the nail, and finally the paper/tape covering is taken off and that coat is let dry.
  9. Edgy Accents—Manicures featuring “bloody” tips, jagged tips, suspicious shadowy tips and mysterious dark and dripping tips will be huge in the year 2013.
  10. Pale Nails—Adding a coat of pale pink or neutral polish will be a popular look in the year 2013.

Katie Saxton is the founder of Custom Nail Solutions, a renowned blogger, and a regular contributor to TV, radio, print and online media, on topics of nail beauty, nail care and trends. Custom Nail Solutions is an artificial nail product offering custom nails that uniquely fit only nail beds, are reusable, chemical-free and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The products offer lovely, natural looking salon-style nails on consumers' own schedule and in the comfort of their own homes.

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