Part 2: Waft Sets Out to Master Online Fragrance Customization


Waft, the online fragrance company specializing in creating and selling customizable fragrances by analyzing the favorite moods, scents and social activities of the customer, is hoping to change the mindset of consumers when it comes to purchasing fragrances online.

We recently tried Waft and have to admit that the customizing process, the anticipation of what kind of fragrance would arrive and the excitement of spritzing the scent on for the first time, was an extremely fun and unique process. While some people may be skeptical of receiving a fragrance that they have never actually smelled in person, we found that to be half the fun. After receiving our custom bottle of perfume* we have been very pleased with the products and services the company offered. 

Consumers who are looking for a fun and unique way to discover new fragrances for any occasion should keep Waft in mind.

As stated in Part 1, we selected a feminine fragrance to be worn at night while socializing with amber, leather and sandalwood notes. The finished product reflected the notes that we selected very well. In fact, if we were to come across the fragrance at a department store’s fragrance counter, it would be a potential purchase. The additional 15ml fragrances, selected by the company, intended to layer over the fragrance did accompany the scent by adding complimentary notes, but we prefer the main fragrance by itself.

What We Loved

Our favorite aspect was selecting the scents that we prefer to have in a perfume and name brand perfumes that we have used in the past. This is perhaps why we enjoyed our finished fragrance so much, it is very similar to the name brand fragrance and has definite traces of the specific notes that we selected. We would have liked to see what certain notes mean in a finished fragrance, in case consumers are still undecided on the kind they want. For example, it would be helpful to state that lavender is used for a more relaxing scent, leather for a muskier, masculine scent or rose for an elegant scent, etc.

What We Would Change

We selected a balanced or medium fragrance when deciding how strong we wanted the finished fragrance to be. When first applied, the fragrance was stronger than we anticipated and if given the chance we would tone it down to the “subtle” or lightly fragranced option. When applied in the morning the fragrance was still noticeable at the end of the work day, which is a major selling point. So were the compliments we received on the new scent.

While we were happy with Waft and our fragrance, a change that we would make to the customizing process would be adding more activities to choose from when selecting the type of fragrance to create, for example a wedding/formal option or school day option for younger consumers.

The Verdict

Overall we would recommend Waft for consumers who are looking to experiment with perfume and the customizing process. We would also recommend taking advantage of the 5ml sample spray for $19 when initially ordering from the company, just in case consumers do not enjoy their customized fragrance as much as we did.

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*Provided by Waft for the exclusive use of this review

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