Arylessence Reports Fragrance Choices Reflect Lifestyles

According to sensory branding experts at Arylessence, Inc., consumers choose fragrances that fit their lifestyles as opposed to choosing a product simply because "it smells good." The lifestyle-fragrance connection is explained in the company's 2007-2008 Arylessence TrendWatch, an annual analysis of trends that are driving consumer behavior in lifestyle, attitudes, color and fragrance.

"Fragrance is a part of how consumers see themselves, how they live, how they feel about the world around them, and even the colors they like," said Cynthia Reichard, executive vice president, Arylessence. "Fragrance is the first sensory attribute experienced when consumers explore new products."

In the report, Arylessence experts use lifestyle and color trends compiled from leading global trend sources to determine where consumers look for inspiration, seek out new concepts for living, and find designers and marketers on the same wavelength. According to the company, three lifestyles—exotica, health and well-being, and luxury living—are driving fragrance inspirations for new products and brand-expansion concepts through 2008. The exotica lifestyle, which reflects global influences, offers unlimited possibilities in fragrance innovation, and includes the use of exotic botanicals for beauty, home decor and household products. Scents highlighting the health and well-being lifestyle reflect restful, restorative and uplifting environments and complement consumer desires for softer, calming colors. The luxury living lifestyle connotes soft, jewel-toned colors, shimmering fabrics, and rich, indulgent and spice-infused fragrances.

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