Shea Terra Replaces Shampoo with Mud-Poo


Shea Terra Organics has introduced an alternative to traditional shampoo formats with the launch of its Moroccan Mud-Poo. 

According to Shea Terra, Mud-Poo deep cleans, softens and detoxifies hair using a blend of Moroccan lava clay and African essential oils. 

How it Works

  • Users are instructed to pour one to four tablespoons (depending on hair length) of Mud-Poo into a cup and stir in enough water to make a "muddy slurry," resembling chocolate milk.
  • The slurry is then poured on wet hair and spread to coat all hair and scalp. 
  • Mud-Poo should be massaged into scalp and hair for one to two minutes. 
  • When cleansing is complete, Mud-Poo can be rinsed out of the hair, which is then towel dried.
  • For coarse hair, Shea Terra suggests adding a few drops of oil to the slurry for more conditioning. 


Moroccan Lava Clay, USDA Certified Organic Olive Oil, Certified Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Certified Organic Saro Essential Oil, Cold Pressed Watercress Oil, Cold Pressed Henna Oil, Cold Pressed Calendula Oil, Marshmallow Root, Sidr, Amla

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