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Lisa & Benjamin Nissanoff, Founders, ME! Bath

The Nissanoffs had more to say than print space allowed in GCI's August Added Value Q&A. There full answers are here.

Who is your business role model?
LN: Heidi Rosen, a venture capitalist, successful entrepreneur, networker, wife and mother.
BN: Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric.

You can ask your role model one question. What is it?
How are you able to read each one of your emails and respond in such a timely manner? During one of her speeches at Stanford Business School, she said that she answers every one of her emails, and, as she probably receives easily a few hundred a day, I found that to be quite daunting—if nearly impossible. Most of the students thought that surely she was exaggerating. Well, four years later, I contacted her with a question, and—although we only met once, briefly, at that speech—she responded to my email within 10 minutes.
BN: How do you maintain the drive and energy of work without burning out?

What is key to balancing your business and personal lives?
 I try to set realistic goals for each day based on my priorities (i.e. spending an hour alone with each child, adhering to pressing work issues, etc), and I create a weekly schedule that allows me to balance both personal and professional goals. But the real key to accomplishing anything is a good support system.
BN: Making sure that I have the ability to delegate responsibilities and entrust key decisions to capable employees that will allow me to spend time with my family.

How do you relieve stress?
Hugging my kids.
BN: Exercise, reading, watching television, vacation, massages.

What is your favorite destination?

It’s mandatory karaoke night, what are you singing?
Me & Bobby McGee (as sung by Janice Joplin).
BN: Ha! Have you heard me sing!?

Would you prefer a trip to the spa or an outdoor adventure?
Trip to the spa.
BN: If I just want to close my eyes and relax, a trip to the spa; if I want to feel energetic and take in the world’s beauty, then an outdoor adventure.

Do you choose a good book, a great movie or 150 channels of television?
TV–unless it is a really good movie.
BN: A great movie.

What cosmetic/personal care product can’t you live without?
ME! Bath!!!! Okay, and dental floss.
BN: ME! Bath, of course.

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