Let Yourself Imagine...


What if each facial moisturizer, lipstick, dry shampoo or perfume the beauty industry manufactured and sold to a consumer made the world a little cleaner? What if brands generated negative carbon footprints? What if financial growth became synonymous with climate restoration?

This is the climate-positive beauty industry we allow ourselves to envision in this month’s issue. Following the lead of manufacturers such as Ikea, which has pledged to go climate-positive by 2030 (a mere decade away!), Global Cosmetic Industry explores the possibility of capturing and upcycling carbon, emerging climate-positive tactics such as afforestation and carbon sequestration, and beauty’s initial forays into climate-positive design.

We also explore the incremental initiatives that will help us get there, including upcycling opportunities and coherent sustainable beauty visions. And, digging into the details further, we explore consumer data on sustainability, the challenges of “free-from” beauty, the promise of programmable biology, safe synthetics in clean beauty products and one company’s attempt to create a “clean” fragrance designation.

We are witnessing the start of the climate-positive journey. One wonders what this column will say of those efforts in the February 2030 edition of Global Cosmetic Industry.

Thank you for reading. See you next month. 

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