SpaRitual Partners with Toyota for Wellness Efforts

SpaRitual, a vegan spa line, is teaming up with Toyota for a women’s wellness retreat series traveling across the U.S. The vegan spa brand encourages women to approach beauty as a holistic connection to oneself and the environment.

The partnership between Toyota and SpaRitual kicked off at Renegade Brooklyn on June 22, 2013. SpaRitual sponsored a nail art bar at the Toyota Retreat, where guests had the opportunity to receive a custom nail art painted on one nail. In addition, attendees received a complementary mini SpaRitual nail lacquer in one of the season’s hottest shades. Future events will feature similar offerings from SpaRitual.

“SpaRitual is excited to partner with an iconic brand like Toyota. Both SpaRitual and Toyota speak directly to the eco-conscious woman and celebrate a life of wellness,” says SpaRitual founder Shel Pink. For 2013, SpaRitual’s overarching theme is "Slow Matters." Each collection is a reflection of the theme and a reminder to step off the fast track, reconnect with ourselves and truly experience life. The colors remind people to act as change agents, and partnering with Toyota is a perfect synergy to SpaRitual’s 2013 message.

The retreat series will continue through December 2013 with SpaRitual participating in a total of five festivals including Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn and San Francisco; Wanderlust in Lake Tahoe, California; Pecan Street Festival in Austin, Texas; and One of A Kind in Chicago.

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