Lush Releases Its 11th Vinyl Album in 105 UK Stores


Lush is known for its bath bombs, handmade soaps and ... vinyl?

According to a recent article on, Lush's ECC label, ECC100, has released its 11th vinyl album, The Self Preservation Society, a collection of prog and folk covers in all 105 retail locations in the U.K.

The article explains that the label was initially launched as an outlet for music commissioned for Lush's spa treatments, however, it has now expanded into a deluxe vinyl strategy. 

Label manager, Mira Manga, was quoted in the article saying, "It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had – I’m competing with bath bombs that are rocket ships ... Often the first reaction from artists is, ‘We don’t want to link up with a soap company’, and then they realize we just want to support their music and give them what they need."

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