Henkel Releases 2017 Fiscal Results


Henkel has released its 2017 fiscal results.

The company saw a 7% increase in nominal growth, and sales of €20.029 billion. It is the first time the company’s sales have risen above €20 billion.

Beauty Care saw business grow by .5% organically, and .8% nominally to €3.868 million. Adjusted operating profit was reported at €665 million, a 2.7% increase. The segment saw a 17.2% increase in adjusted return on sales.

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Laundry & Home Care saw organic sales growth of 2%, and a nominal sales increase of 14.8% (to €6.651 million). Adjusting operating profit, at €1.170 million, grew 17%. The company cited the acquisition of Sun Products as a contributor to sales and operating profit.

Across all regions organically, with the most positive organic development in Western Europe. Eastern European sales grew 6% organically, while North American and Latin American sales increased 3% and 4.4%, respectively. Sales in the Asia-Pacific region grew 5.9% organically, and in Africa/Middle East, sales grew 1.7%.

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