Shiseido Announces Three Year Plan


Shiseido has unveiled its new Three Year Plan (2018-2020).

The plan is part of the company’s overall “Vision 2020,” a six year medium-to-long term strategy. Having surpassed JPY 1 million in 2017—the goal the company had set for itself for 2020—the company has designed the three years as a time to implement a “new strategy to accelerate growth.”

The goal is to become one of the top three global prestige cosmetics companies, while maintaining its significant Japanese and Asian presence.  

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Key strategies include

  • Prestige first—Increasing makeup and fragrance and sales in the global prestige market, and to expand market share while strengthening sales of its biggest strength, skin care products.
  • Cosmetics and personal care brands strategy for Asia—Expanding to promote four more brands currently marketed in mainland Japan to China and other Asian markets: Elixir, Anessa, Senka  and Integrate.

Other key components include accelerating digitization and new business development; creating value through innovation; developing talent; and implementing a new global management model.

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