Waves of Ocean Plastic are Being Turned into Lush Cosmetics Containers


You’ve heard the saying, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Well, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in 2050 it is projected that those fish will be outweighed by waste plastic

On hearing this statistic, Lush Cosmetics partnered with environmental non-profit Ocean Legacy Foundation to collect approximately 25 metric tons of plastic from the ocean and shorelines of Vancouver Island, Canada. After collection, Urban Resource Group was tasked with turning the ocean plastics into eco-conscious packaging for the personal care brand. 

According to the company, a series of trials have proven successful and Urban Resource Group has created plastic pellets from the ocean plastics to meet the specifications Lush had to make the brand’s 100% recycled containers. 

Gary Calicdan, Lush ethical buyer, said, "Urban Resource Group was willing to adjust their system to support this important environmental cause. Their technological abilities allowed them to transform broken down pieces of ocean plastic into high-quality pellets that hit our standards. I'm very happy they accepted the ocean plastic – it's been great having them as a partner in this initiative."

Mark Badger, a senior executive with Urban Resource Group and Canada Fibers Ltd., stated, "We are keen to be pushing the frontiers of material recovery and recycling with leaders like Lush. Together, we are providing creative solutions to global problems."

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