Lush is Now Accepting Bitcoin


According to a recent article, written by Darryn Pollock, Lush will now accept bitcoins as a form of payment on the company's online store. 

The article states Lush wants to allow for a more global payment on its U.K. website and the use of a decentralized currency will aid these efforts. Lush reportedly also hopes to use bitcoins as a way to welcome a global market, global suppliers and potentially charity groups in remote places around the globe. 

Finance manager, Mike West, was quoted in the article saying, "Accepting Bitcoin is very exciting for Lush. With Bitcoin, customers from all around the world will pay the same for our products, free from volatile currency fluctuations and lofty bank charges. Cryptocurrencies are the future of global trade and we want to ensure that we are prepared to move into this new digital era.”

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