Coty Teams With Heidi Klum

Coty Inc. announced the signing of German supermodel and television presenter Heidi Klum as the new face and artistic advisor for the global beauty brand Astor. As part of the long-term collaboration, Klum has partnered with Astor to help set artistic direction for a new generation of modern makeup collections and communicate her fashion-forward point of view to consumers, the press and beauty influencers.

Klum has created and designed several successful beauty and fashion collections for brands including Victoria's Secret Beauty, Destination Maternity and New Balance for Amazon. The new collaboration with Astor, according to a company statement, will capitalize upon Klum's unrivaled beauty, personality and talent to strengthen the success of this innovative high-quality cosmetics brand.

“We are very excited about the new partnership between Heidi Klum and Astor and feel that it has huge potential,” said Bernd Beetz, CEO, Coty Inc. “As one of the most beautiful, talented and most recognized women in the world, Heidi will play an important role in ensuring that the Astor brand continues to be seen as relevant, modern and sophisticated.”

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Astor family,”said Klum. “Astor has such a long and strong heritage and continues to create innovative products with great colors and textures. I look forward to bringing my experiences in fashion and beauty to my new role.”

This collaboration allows the Astor brand to integrate Klum's fashion-forward point of view into the brand collections, and capitalize on the style trends, as part of the company's mission to introduce the brand to a new audience and speak to consumers in a totally new and unique way. In this capacity Klum will be involved in the design of product collections inspired by the latest runway trends, and appear in upcoming print and television campaigns. As part of the alliance, Astor will make Klum's personality and inspiration an integrated part of the brand's marketing message through print, online and in-store efforts.

“We are delighted that Heidi Klum will be representing Astor, especially at such an exciting time in the brand's development as it moves forward with a new visual identity,” said Renato Semerari, president, Coty Beauty. “As an elegant, confident, successful woman, wife and mother, Heidi perfectly represents Astor's new signature: ‘Live Beautifully.’ ”

"Heidi Klum was an obvious choice for us for brand ambassador for Astor," added Stephen Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing, Coty Beauty. "Her beauty is glamorous and feminine but she's also down to earth and approachable, that's why she is an inspirational role model for women of all ages. Furthermore, we're very excited about the fashion influences she'll be able to bring to new product collections."

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