Brut Launches Online News Network

Iconic aftershave brand Brut, a division of Helen of Troy, announced the launch of its new campaign, the Brut News Network (BNN). Hosted on, BNN is Brut’s own news network featuring original video content that is part sports, part humor.

This new Brut campaign, created by Sigma, is targeted at the younger male demographic that finds and follows brands via social media. It is an expansion upon a series of previously successful campaigns, including last year’s platform.

BNN will feature some of the latest Internet videos along with commentary on hot topics and discussions that often include the insight of ESPN radio host and sports expert Jim Rome, via “The Rome Phone.” The two BNN hosts, Bob and Ned, who love sports, explosions and people falling down as much as the next guy, grab audience’s attention by providing two-minute videos of comic relief with episodes featuring topics such as parkour, extreme sports fails, office pranks and more.

“We believe that young, male-focused online content is a burgeoning market,” says Marc Broccoli, marketing director at Idelle Management Company. “BNN offers us a way to engage with a young male demographic that is important to our brand by allowing them to connect through a creative, humorous digital media platform.”

Brut is also urging consumers to follow the brand at

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