Elysèe Cosmetics Expands Into Europe

Infusion Brands International announced it is expanding its presence in the European marketplace through a new distribution agreement with Elysèe Cosmetics. This agreement grants Infusion Brands exclusive distribution rights on Elysèe Cosmetics products throughout Europe.

Because of Infusion Brands' success in selling products on live television shopping both domestically and internationally, Elysèe Cosmetics has selected the consumer products company as its partner to launch the Elysèe brand via live television shopping networks throughout Europe. The Elysèe Cosmetics brand has already been accepted by Buyers at HSE24, and Infusion Brands anticipates a third quarter on-air launch, pending necessary EU regulatory approvals.

Bob DeCecco, chairman and CEO of Infusion Brands, says, "This alliance with Elysèe Cosmetics will allow us to further position Infusion Brands as a strong player in the European consumer products market."

"We've seen Infusion Brands quickly take successful projects into other countries," said Linda Marshall, owner and president of Elysèe Cosmetics. "With their success in the United States and growing global footprint, we think Infusion Brands is the ideal partner to take Elysèe Cosmetics into Europe and beyond."

According to DeCecco, this initial relationship with Elysèe Cosmetics also opens the door to future global collaborations.

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