Schwan-Stabilo Strong In Its 2011/2012 Fiscal Report

Reporting on its 2011/2012 fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2012, the Schwan-Stabilo Group continued its growth, generating turnover of half a billion euros in the period. This is the first time the Schwan-Stabilo Group exceeded the turnover threshold of half a billion euros, in its achievement of €503 million, up from the previous year’s €462 million by an increase of 9%. Gains were once again made in all areas of business: cosmetics rose by 10%, Stabilo by 0.4% and outdoor by 29.5%.

The company’s cosmetics division showed particularly successful development, exhibiting organic growth, especially in Latin America and Asia. Schwan Cosmetics was able to significantly expand its business during fiscal year 2011/12. Compared with the previous year (€241 million), turnover increased to 10% to €264 million. This continued the division’s recent successful trend; viewed over three years, turnover has increased by almost 50%. For the cosmetics business, investments amounted to €22.1 million. The lion’s share of these investments went into the development and industrialization of new products.

The markets of the Asia-Pacific region have experienced unprecedented growth in recent years and are seen as the most dynamic growth region in the world. Increasing independence from the U.S. and Europe driven by a fast-developing domestic market and a growing, prosperous middle class mean that high growth rates are also forecast for the future. For decades, Western Europe has been the most important sales region for Schwan Cosmetics after North America. Slowly however, the markets of Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East are collectively assuming second place among the most important sales regions in the world.

In the past fiscal year 2011/12, the Schwan-Stabilo Group’s investments totaled €45 million with a focus on new products. Furthermore, a significant portion of this figure was invested in construction. As such, cosmetics manufacture in Mexico is currently being expanded by means of a new factory in Toluca, among other developments.

Discussing the Schwan-Stabilo Group’s outlook, group managing directors Ulrich Griebel and Sebastian Schwanhäußer commented, “Naturally, we are carefully observing the uncertain global economic situation and, with three completely different sectors, we certainly have plenty with which to occupy ourselves. Nonetheless, as a family-owned company, we feel well equipped for the task ahead, and continue to trust in our competence in dealing with crises, markets and brands.”

More information on this financial report can be found here.

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