Henkel Partners with Watsons for Growth in Malaysia

Henkel Beauty Care Retail has entered into an exclusive partnership with Watsons, a leading international health and beauty retailer, to promote Schwarzkopf’s Freshlight hair color series at all its stores in Malaysia.

Markus Daburger, general manager of Henkel Beauty Care Retail, Malaysia and Singapore, said, "We are delighted that we have found the right partner here, who shares the same goal and will assist us in achieving the desired result. We are confident that we will be in a stronger position to reach out to the masses by making our presence felt at Watsons."

The announcement was publicized with an event at the Sungei Wang Plaza, a popular shopping center in Kuala Lumpur. Throughout the event, cosplay models, dressed up as Blythe dolls and featuring hair colors in the 10 distinctive shades from the Freshlight selection, walked around and interacted with the crowd. Daburger said, “The iconic Blythe dolls in various young and trendy hair colors on Freshlight packages are eye-catching. With the cosplay act, the dolls become live showcases for our innovative and vibrant range of hair colors. This helps to create a strong impression about our brand and image among customers.”

The Freshlight series created in Japan offers two types of application: crème and mousse. The four colors for the mousse method are Berry Ash, Caramel Brown, Melty Cherry and Lemon Blond. For the comb-type dispenser used for the crème technique, the six colors available are Passion Blond, Clear Ash, Melty Mocha, Mysterious Beige, Sweet Apricot and Champagne Pink.

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