New CMO for JR Watkins

Mark Jacobs, CEO of privately held natural beauty company Watkins Inc., announced J.R. Rigley has been promoted to president, chief marketing officer. Watkins Inc. manufactures brands including J.R. Watkins Naturals Home & Body Care products, Watkins Gourmet line of spices and extracts, and Great Outdoors (Canada). Watkins Inc. is based in Winona, Minnesota, where it has been headquartered for 145 years.

Since Rigley joined the Watkins team more than six years ago, he has had a significant impact in leading brand building initiatives and overall sales growth. Under Rigley's leadership, the company has almost doubled in sales since 2007 and new sales distribution channels have grown almost 500%.

In this new role, Rigley will continue to build the Watkins brand and increase overall sales’ growth through sales management, product development, distribution channel management, marketing/communications and market research. In addition, he will manage customer service.

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