Braun Launches New Campaign Centered on Russell Wilson

Braun unveiled its new branding campaign—#FaceGreatness with Braun Confidence. The consumer-facing print and TV advertisements, as well as digital video, social marketing and brand packaging, feature the NFL, as well as Braun’s new U.S. spokesperson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The #FaceGreatness initiative, which began with covert social media “pep talk” engagement with Wilson, officially launched via national print advertising, online videos and digital content on Braun’s website and social properties. The campaign was developed to encourage men to be confident, to chase their dreams, and to never give up on their quest to achieve greatness.

After leading the Seattle Seahawks to an impressive win in Super Bowl XLVIII, Wilson is ready for another NFL season and wants men to know that achieving life-long dreams requires preparation and confidence. “Whether on or off the field, I believe the difference between good and great is determined by your inner belief,” said Wilson. “I remember, as a child, watching my father’s morning shave routine in the mirror, and feeling truly inspired by the confident man I looked up to. He constantly encouraged me to chase my dreams, which is why I am excited to be part of Braun’s mission to give men the same confidence to go out and face greatness every day.”

“Russell Wilson is the perfect person to lead our #FaceGreatness campaign, as he has overcome tremendous challenges and obstacles to achieve greatness; in fact, he was instrumental in the development of our core concept of ‘facing greatness’,” said Brian Messerschmitt, brand manager for Braun N.A. “We believe #FaceGreatness means having the courage and drive to never give up on your dreams. It requires passion and commitment, which are key attributes shared by Russell and the Braun brand. We cannot wait to bring this program to life nationwide.”

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