Bloggers, Vloggers Dominating Beauty Brands in Reach

Digital influencers are squeezing out brands, according to a new analysis.

U.K. beauty vloggers overwhelmingly own first-page visibility for brand and non-brand search results on YouTube, while U.S. vloggers own 67% of first-page search results for brand terms, according to a new report from L2.

In France, meanwhile, brands possess a tiny audience compared to vloggers.

Brands have noticed, in some cases partnering with key digital influencers to improve their positioning in online searches.

"For example," L2 notes, "Clean & Clear has partnered with vlogger channels that garner 60x the views of the brand channel for identical videos."

Top blogger beauty influencers can earn as much as $41,475 per month, according to a recent ranking from Adweek, highlighting the financial incentives for these key brand ambassadors.

Top influencers include Yuya, Zoella and CuteGirlsHairstyles.




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