Natura & Co Accelerates Sustainability with Commitment to Life Plan

Natura & Co will strive to address climate change, protect the Amazon, defend human rights, and embrace circularity and regeneration.
Natura & Co will strive to address climate change, protect the Amazon, defend human rights, and embrace circularity and regeneration.

Natura & Co has unveiled its Commitment to Life sustainability plan for 2030.

The plan will strive to “step up [Natura & Co’s] actions to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues, including the climate crisis and protecting the Amazon, the defense of human rights and ensuring equality and inclusion throughout its network, and embracing circularity and regeneration by 2030.”

According to the company, the plan will work through three pillars:

Address climate change and protect the Amazon by:

  1. Achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 for its four brands, 20 years ahead of the UN Commitment. Reducing carbon emissions aligned with science-based targets, tracking emissions throughout its entire value chain and that of its suppliers; from the extraction of raw ingredients to packaging disposal.
  2. Building on already a strong track record of adhering to the UN Convention of Biological Diversity and expanding the practice by enforcing the Nagoya Protocol and payments of ABS (access and benefit-sharing), to prevent biodiversity loss. The group will partner with the Science-Based Alliance to set a new framework for the protection of nature.
  3. Stepping up its actions to protect the Amazon by building on Natura´s over 20 years' experience in the region. Currently, Natura preserves 1.8m hectares of land, an area equivalent to half of the Netherlands. The group will aim to contribute to the preservation of 3m hectares by 2030. Natura &Co will foster collective efforts to ensure zero deforestation of the Amazon by 2025.

Defend Human Rights and be human-kind by:

  1. Creating better, kinder, and more inclusive conditions for our networks to thrive in. That includes increasing diversity by 30%, taking into consideration racial or ethnic diversity, sexual diversity, and gender identity, the socio-economically disadvantaged, and the physically and mentally disabled.
  2. Going beyond the UN SDG goal of 30% of women in leadership positions by increasing its goal to 50% by 2023. Natura & Co will guarantee gender parity and equal pay by 2023 among the entire workforce.
  3. Ensuring that all its associates receive a living wage or above by 2023. Also to measure and increase profit, health, and education of over six million consultants and representatives over this period, while promoting it as a trusted and reliable business model, and also among 35,000 family members from which it directly sources ingredients and materials.
  4. Ramping up its commitment to be a company that gives back across its four brands by increasing investments in key causes by 20% to $600 million (like breast cancer awareness, domestic violence, and education).
  5. Upholding intolerance on Human Rights infringement in line with UN Guiding Principles by 2023 for its entire network, particularly for its supply chain. Also, regarding supply chains, Natura & Co will enforce full traceability and/or certification by 2025. Finally, it will push programs for critical ingredients in the coming years, specifically for palm oil, mica, alcohol, cotton, paper and soy.

Embrace circularity and regeneration by:

  1. Moving towards and beyond a circular economic model to create more than it takes ensuring packaging circularity by 2030 and ensuring 100% of its packaging materials are either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.
  2. Increasing plastic recycled content to 50% and offsetting the equivalent amount of packaging where recycling infrastructure does not exist to reach 100% responsible disposal of plastics. The group will also instill formula circularity, with the use of 95% renewable ingredients and 95% biodegradable formulas by 2030 across all four brands.
  3. Finally, through a significant investment program to further develop regenerative solutions including fair trade communities, regenerative extraction systems, and waste-to-plastic solutions by 2030.

Roberto Marques, executive chairman of the board and group CEO of Natura & Co, stated, “We understand the critical moment we live in right now and the role that companies need to play to engage themselves and commit to a better, more sustainable and more inclusive society. We still need to do so much more to be the generation that restores our planet and protects its people. Aligned with our guiding principles, Natura & Co hopes to be a part of the dialogue and the solution. We're the generation that has the knowledge and the technology to stem the rise in global temperatures, put an end to the global waste issue, and create equality for those who need it most. But we now need to move faster, we need to act and be held accountable.”

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