Report: Mexico Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Mexico is one of 41 countries to ban animal testing.
Mexico is one of 41 countries to ban animal testing.

Mexico has become the first country in North America to ban animal testing for cosmetics, according to Plant Based News.

The source adds the new law also bans the import, manufacture and marketing of cosmetics that have been tested on animals anywhere in the world. The new law was championed by the Humane Society International (HSI)/Mexico and ONGTe Protejo.

As previously reported, in November 2019, HSI and ONGTe Protejo started a petition to outlaw cosmetic animal testing in Mexico. Just a few months later, more than 21,000 people signed the petition, in part pushing legislators to put the bill through Mexico's legislative system.

The Puerto Vallarata Daily News (PVDN) reported the Mexican Senate voted unanimously, 103 to zero, to approve the draft law on Sept. 2, 2021. The approved opinion will be turned over to the federal executive power for ratification into law in 180 days.

To encourage responsible consumption, PVDN adds commercial product labeling may indicate no testing was carried out on animals during their production or manufacturing. A period of two years will be provided from the issuance of legal provisions to allow manufacturers time to make appropriate testing substitutions.

Per Plant Based News, 41 countries have banned cosmetic animal testing to date, as well as 10 states in Brazil and seven in the United States.


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