Aveda Teams to Promote Indigenous Development

The Aveda Corporation has partnered with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Equator Initiative, Tribal Link Foundation, the Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme and the World Intellectual Property Organization to discuss options for indigenous development.

On May 22-23, 2007, the business leaders met to discuss new ways of conducting business in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. Leaders of indigenous societies contributed by discussing issues in partnering with funding institutions large and small.

"Around the world, communities are finding creative ways to lift themselves out of poverty while preserving the diverse environments in which they live," said Sean Southey, manager of UNDP's Equator Initiative. Aveda held a reception during the two day event, whereby two communities were given the Equator Prive for their efforts to reduce poverty. In addition, a forum was held where attendees discussed development of indigenous communities while maintaining their land and resources.

At the forum, the partnership celebrated the success of aboriginal people in Western Australia. According to Aveda, its efforts helped aboriginal people in the area gain land rights and access to sandalwood resources. The community there, according to the company, is now seeing a financial return.

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