Packaging Suppliers Form Alliance

Alliora, Curtis Packaging and Utility Printpack have formed the "Global PrestigePack" alliance in order to better serve the demands of and for luxury packaging globally.

 "We have built this alliance to develop new opportunities, to be close to our customers and offer a new mix of technologies, without losing sight the importance of a consistent and high-quality service," said Thierry Lucereau, president, Alliora.

"Think global, act local … . We want to ensure our customers a dedicated local presence coupled with a unified, worldwide offer," said Don Droppo, Jr., senior vice president, Curtis Packaging.

The Alliance aims to:

  • Provide a wide range of high quality folding and set up boxes (cartons and plastics);
  • Be close to its customers to ensure on time launches globally;
  • Offer an extensive range of carton styles and added values;
  • Improve pre-press lead times and optimize print quality and unified quality checklists;
  • Provide the latest anticounterfeiting systems developed and approved by prestige brands;
  • Guarantee the continuity of the supply through production by utilizing an efficient management of the industrial capacity within the alliance, joint procedures, secured storage and artwork files transfer; and 
  • Reduce the combined environmental footprint of participating companies by reducing transportation costs and carbon emissions.

"(This alliance) did not happen overnight. Over the course of 18 months, much due diligence was performed by each member company, with multiple facility visits and sample printing, finishing ... ,” said Lucereau. "We needed to find the most qualified partners with the utmost manufacturing expertise. Alliora, Curtis packaging and Utility PrintPack have all their own history. This alliance of know-how of their own guarantees strong synergies in the field of luxury printing and packaging."

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