Beiersdorf Reports Q3

Beiersdorf AG reported sales of €4,547 million at the end of the third quarter, up from €4,167 million in 2007. Profit after tax (excluding special factors) amounted to €394 million, up from €380 million in 2007. The return on sales after tax amounted to 8.7%.

"Beiersdorf's global sales growth remains high at 11.8% despite the strains in the economy," said Thomas-B. Quaas, chairman of the executive board, Beiersdorf AG. "Our core brands—Nivea, Eucerin and la prairie—are doing very well in the market and are recording double-digit sales growth. Brand quality and trust are the deciding factors in consumer purchasing decisions these days. We expect this trend to continue. We remain optimistic that we will meet our targets for 2008."

According to the company, it is gaining market shares in the strategic high-growth regions of Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America in particular, and business is developing well in China.

Additional information is available on the company's site.


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