[interview] cocokind Reveals Sustainability & Formula Facts

cocokind announced its Formula Facts and Sustainability Facts to be on product packaging
cocokind announced its Formula Facts and Sustainability Facts to be on product packaging

Skin care brand cocokind has announced its commitment to sustainability and transparency with its Sustainability Facts and Formula Facts panels, which will be printed directly on all product packaging.

According to the brand, the Sustainability Facts will share each product's four stage life cycle from pre-manufacture through consumer use and end-of-life. The Formula Facts will feature ingredients, carriers, stabilizers, pH, scent and texture levels.

cockind has also announced it is in phase one of becoming a carbon-neutral company.

Global Cosmetic Industry recently interviewed Priscilla Tsai, cocokind founder about these upgrades.

Why is it important for cocokind to share Sustainability Facts and Formula Facts panels on its packaging?

Priscilla Tsai [PT]: We believe that all consumers should be empowered to make informed purchasing decisions. With the new packaging we are able to help our consumers understand both what exactly is in the product they are using, and how using this product impacts the environment. 

The beauty industry is fraught with unsubstantiated claims, so we aspire to raise the standard for all companies, including cocokind, to improve and educate consumers. 

How has sustainability changed the way cocokind creates its products?

[PT]: We have always been extremely conscious about our supply chain and manufacturing process when developing our products. However, we believe in the philosophy of “sustainability in progress," which is our ongoing commitment to continuously improve our process.

While we already have implemented many sustainability practices that we are proud of, the launch of sustainability facts will give us a deeper understanding of our current impact on both a product and company level, so that we can work to reduce this impact going forward with both existing and new products.

What steps will cocokind be taking to become a carbon neutral company?

[PT]: We are currently in what we are calling “Phase 1” of our sustainability initiatives, which includes researching and measuring our impact on the environment. We cannot say that we are carbon neutral until we have a deep understanding of what our current impact is, and we are committed to sharing the results of these assessments.

Our next steps will be to work to offset current emissions and identify opportunities for further reduction, ultimately culminating in annual tangible plans for reduction that we communicate publicly. Our goal is to reduce what we can and offset what we can’t when it comes to our carbon footprint, and we will continuously commit to doing more and more.


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