BFA x Madeby x Refreshments Launch BFA Impact

BFA Impact is a program dedicated to celebrating the unique beauty of people and the planet.
BFA Impact is a program dedicated to celebrating the unique beauty of people and the planet.

BFA (Beauty for All) Industries has partnered with brand incubator Madeby Collective and personal care brand, Refreshments, to launch BFA Impact, a program dedicated to celebrating the unique beauty of people and the planet.

The initiative's pillars of self-expression and sustainability will amplify more than 50 brands from underrepresented communities over the next three years and eliminate 100% of virgin plastic waste by the end of 2030.

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BFA Impact will focus on amplifying Black, Latinx, and LGTBQ+ brands and communities by investing more than $17 million across 20-plus Black-owned brands between Ipsy and BoxyCharm in 2021. 

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In addition, the BFA portfolio will increase representation from its focus communities, with the initial goal of aligning to the general population across its multitude of channels.

BFA Impact will also accelerate improvements to its hiring and career development practices to increase the employment and retention of employees from its focus communities and to build upon and grow its female leadership.


The company has introduced The BFA Clean Standard and The Out List, which both assure its members that the products they receive will be formulated to reduce health risks related to more than 1,881 ingredients.

By the end of 2022, BFA will eliminate any products that do not meet The Out List. Refreshments is the first brand in the portfolio to completely abide by The BFA Clean Standard.

BFA pledges to eliminate 100% virgin plastic waste and to actively help reverse the effects of plastic pollution across its entire portfolio over the next 10 years.

In the next three years, it will innovate new ways of reducing use of virgin plastic by 50% in all BFA-owned brands.

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Sharon Chuter Appointment

BFA Industries has also appointed Sharon Chuter, Uoma Beauty founder and CEO and founder of the #PullUpforChange initiative, as a BFA adviser to provide guidance, inspiration and accountability towards the program’s progress.

Chuter said: “I look forward to further partnering with BFA to create real opportunities for brands led by amazing founders from underserved communities. It’s a sad reality that even in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, brands continue to be significantly underfunded. Marcelo and his team at BFA are committed to making changes and I am excited by their willingness to do the work and be held accountable at every stop.”

Marcelo Camberos, BFA Industries co-founder and CEO, said: “When we started Ipsy 10 years ago, we set out with a single vision: to democratize beauty It was about putting the power back in the hands of the people and creating a platform where all are welcome, seen, and heard. Fast forward to today, and we’ve expanded beyond Ipsy, developing new brands such as Item Beauty, Complex Culture, and Refreshments; making high quality, clean, sustainable products accessible to all. We’ve welcomed BoxyCharm, a brand that’s always had inclusivity and diversity at its core. Together, and with Sharon Chuter’s unparalleled tenacity and thought leadership, we believe we can enact meaningful change through our brands, our partners, and our communities.”

Jennifer Goldfarb, BFA Industries co-Founder and executive chairwoman, said: “Inclusivity and accessibility are core to our mission of inspiring self-expression and making beauty more welcoming to all. "Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to drive foundational change, and we are deeply committed to increasing diversity, equity, and availability through every facet of our work.”

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