Lenzing’s Veocel Introduces First Carbon Neutral Lyocell Fiber

Wet wipes from Veocel fibers are biodegradable. Photo: Veocel's Facebook.
Wet wipes from Veocel fibers are biodegradable. Photo: Veocel's Facebook.

Lenzing’s Veocel brand has introduced the first certified CarbonNeutral certified Lyocell fiber for the nonwovens industry. The fibers will be available beginning in June 2021 and feature a net-zero carbon footprint.

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Achieving certified carbon neutrality was the result of Lenzing’s carbon reduction efforts in recent years and its collaboration with Natural Capital Partners.

It was reportedly possible to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero through a mix of higher production efficiencies, use of renewable energy sources, low-carbon materials and the dedicated support of an external nature-based carbon removal project.

Robert van de Kerkhof, member of the board of Lenzing, said, “At Lenzing, we are very proud of the progress we have been making to address climate change. The new carbon neutral Veocel Lyocell fibers will play a big role in contributing to our goal to become a net-zero company by 2050. At Lenzing, we understand that caring for the environment isn’t just good business, but good for the business. That is why we are becoming even more dedicated to effecting real change to the industry as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and embrace climate protection through our zero carbon commitments and ongoing innovations.”

Jürgen Eizinger, vice president of global management nonwovens at Lenzing, said, "The first step in taking action, is understanding the problem at hand. The Veocel brand is committed to making the shift to carbon neutrality an ongoing effort. Emission from raw materials is often the biggest part of a product or corporate footprint. To reduce these indirect emissions, a company can either avoid such a material or depends on its value chain to deliver new climate friendly solutions. With our new offer of carbon neutral Veocel Lyocell fibers, we can certainly help our partners and customers reduce their emission impact.”

Eizinger added, “With the newly minted Veocel climate care logo, we hope to build a connection between brands and consumers. When consumers see products with the climate care logo on the packaging, they will be able to recognize that the product is made of Veocel Lyocell fibers which have a neutral impact on our climate. This will not only give them confidence about making more informed, eco-conscious purchase decisions, but also reassure that they are taking a proactive step to tackle climate change."

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