NielsenIQ Launches Retail Analytics for Small CPG Brands

The retail data and analytics platform is powered by NielsenIQ. Photo: Byzzer.
The retail data and analytics platform is powered by NielsenIQ. Photo: Byzzer.

NielsenIQ has launched Byzzer, a platform that reportedly provides actionable insights that help small and emerging consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses.

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NielsenIQ built Byzzer to give emerging CPG brands simplified, actionable retail insights to help fuel faster growth.

The platform hopes to help CPG businesses, such as those in the food, beauty, pet, alcoholic beverage and cannabis industries, drive growth and market share. 

The subscription-based platform, powered by NielsenIQ’s retail measurement and consumer panel data, includes features such as: 

  • Brand business intelligence email alerts: The Byzzer platform sends weekly brand alerts directly to user inboxes that utilize sales data from more than 90,000 stores and 100,000 households. These alerts identify risks and opportunities related to market share, product distribution, pricing, market performance, and promotion efficiency.

  • Brand and market trend reports: The platform offers more than 30 reports that can translate a brand’s performance across multiple markets, retailers, and product characteristics. The reports are used to benchmark sales trends, understand the impact of consumers’ habits on sales, and identify business drivers.

  • Byzzer Smart Reports offer recommended actions to take on price, promotion, assortment, and market expansion.

Susan Dunn, NielsenIQ’s chief revenue officer, said, “Data inequality isn’t new to retail. Emerging brands, especially in CPG, are bootstrapping their way to growth when it comes to data because there has never been an opportunity to harness the insights available to larger competitors. With this launch, NielsenIQ is evening out the playing field—we created Byzzer to give every SMB the insights to create strategies that win more customers, loyalty, and shelf space. We’re sparking a revolution that will infuse the marketplace with brand diversity and fresh, innovative products to consumers.”

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