L'Oréal Mail Order Subsidiary to Cease Business

Beauté Créateurs, a mail order subsidiary of L'Oréal, announced its intention to cease its mail order activity during the first half of 2014.

Created in the late 1980s during the growth years of the mail order business, Beauté Créateurs sells specific brands Agnès b., Cosmence, and Professeur Christine Poelman, among others. Beauté Créateurs, which achieved a turnover of €87 million during the last 12 months mainly in France, has encountered difficulties over the past several years linked to the structural weakening of the mail order business model.

All employees working for Beauté Créateurs in the three countries where the business is present—France, Germany and Japan—will be offered employment within L’Oréal. And the workers council (Comité d’Entreprise) of Beauté Créateurs will be consulted on this project in the coming weeks.

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