Artistry Beauty Brand Helps Push Amway to Record 2013 Sales

Amway, parent company of the Artistry beauty brand, reported global sales of $11.8 billion for 2013, a record for the organization. The total surpasses 2012 sales of $11.3 billion and continues a period of tremendous growth, highlighted by annual sales increases in seven consecutive years. The company's annual sales figure includes revenue from direct selling operations and other business holdings.

"Our distributors are the driving force behind this remarkable achievement, supported by the work of our 21,000 employees worldwide," said Amway chairman Steve Van Andel and Amway president Doug DeVos in a joint statement. "Distributors in more than 100 countries and territories are now achieving their potential through their Amway businesses, creating another record year for the company."

The company’s nutrition products performed well, and the beauty products category provided strong results as well, strengthened by the continued global rollout of its Artistry Youth Xtend skin care collection and the launch of the Artistry Ideal Radiance brightening line.

In order to meet increasing demand for the company's products, Amway is undertaking a $375 million manufacturing and R&D expansion globally. The expansion includes facilities being built in Washington, California and Michigan in the U.S., as well as a site in India and R&D facilities in China and South Korea. Manufacturing sites in Vietnam and China are planned as part of the expansion as well.

Amway also continued its support of its distributors through a physical presence strategy that included opening a business center in Berlin, Germany in 2013. Amway has experienced success with integrating physical locations into its business model in recent years and, with the opening of a location at Citi Field in New York, now has physical locations in all four company regions. The locations serve as another tool for distributors to use in building their businesses and servicing their customers.

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