Cosmoprof North America Wins Trade Show Executive Reader's Choice Innovation Award

With a commitment to showcasing the next big thing in beauty, Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) shows it strength, winning in the 2013 Trade Show Executive (TSE) Reader’s Choice Innovation Awards.

CPNA earned top honor in the show organizer category, being voted the Most Innovative Organization in the Trade Show Industry (TSE). According to voters, CPNA implemented a business plan that was heavy on technology and forward-looking educational content for beauty industry management to take their business to the next level. Show management introduced an exciting new, customized sampling concept on the show floor, Beautique, and the TV Shopping Open-See, with home shopping channels such as QVC, HSN and The Shopping Channel Canada hosting live auditions.

Nearly 1,900 TSE readers cast online ballots for the newest technologies and ideas that they felt would make the organizing and management of trade shows a little easier, or possibly usher in a breakthrough that would ripple throughout the industry. Voting continued steadily from July 8 to the last day, July 23, and right up to the midnight deadline.

“Show organizers are always on the lookout for something that will improve their own efficiency and effectiveness, and that which will translate into a better experience for their exhibitors and attendees,” said Darlene Gudea, president of Trade Show Executive Media Group. “The fact that so many industry executives took the time to carefully scrutinize the latest innovations reflects their keen interest in pushing boundaries and discovering new ideas and processes to keep their shows fresh and exciting.”

“This event is a reflection of the direction of the beauty industry—constantly evolving and bringing fresh innovative concepts to the forefront,” said Daniela Ciocan, CPNA director of marketing.

Cosmoprof North America took place on July 14–16, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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