Influence Nation Partners With BeautyStat on Influencer Marketing

The companies see strong growth in beauty tech and the growing market of influencers in the male consumer space.
The companies see strong growth in beauty tech and the growing market of influencers in the male consumer space.

With social media influence becoming even more important than before, Influence Nation is partnering with BeautyStat to create a combined global social reach of over 2.2 billion.

Influence Nation is a division of the global digital media firm, Direct Focus Online, while BeautyStat is a niche beauty influencer platform. Under the deal, Influence Nation can continue its success, pairing brand marketing needs with high-reach influencers. Influence Nation has more than 3,000 influencers in its network (49% international and 51% U.S., 15% male and 85% female) across many verticals including: beauty, fashion, food, health, wellness, fitness, men’s lifestyle, home care, pets, oral care, personal care, tech, consumer electronics and travel.

“I’m impressed with the diversity in our influencer base, we are truly global in every sense," said Ron Robinson, the new managing director of Influence Nation.

Influence Nation, led by Jordan Rolband (president and founder of Direct Focus Online), has offices in New York, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Manila.

“After seeing great success as a boutique agency, building partnerships with both niche brands and up-and-coming influencers with highly engaged, loyal followings, it was time to take Influence Nation to the next level," said Rolband.

BeatuyStat has worked with many brands, including Laura Geller, Stila, AHAVA, Unilever, Coty, P&G Beauty, Amazon, ULTA and Walgreens. This partnership allows Influence Nation to expand its beauty influencers to an additional 500+, reach a wider audience of beauty enthusiasts and partner with new beauty brands.

Meanwhile, Robinson sees influencer marketing trending toward the fusion of verticals (i.e., Beauty meets Tech). He said it's “one of the fastest growing segments of our influencer database is our tech/consumer electronics influencers. These influencers (mostly male millennials) are passionate about the newest innovations in tech and therefore we are in discussions with several tech companies.”

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