Tula Skincare's Sustainable Partnerships with TerraCycle, Cloverly

'Balancing Act' Purifying & pH Balancing Toner Pads
"Balancing Act" Purifying & pH Balancing Toner Pads

Tula Skincare is increasing its commitment to sustainability via its partnership with TerraCycle and Cloverly, as well as with the launch of the biodegradable Balancing Act purifying and pH-balancing toner pads. 

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TULA’s new Balancing Act pad applicator is made from biodegradable bamboo fibers that can be replaced with refill pods instead of an entirely new container. The toner is said to instantly lift impurities and help tighten the look of pores while balancing the skin’s natural pH after cleansing, nourishing and improving skin smoothness.

The Tula Skincare Recycling Program allows consumers to send in Tula Skincare jars, tubes and blister packs for processing. Participation is free and consumers can sign up online at www.terracycle.com/en-US/brigades/tula.

Once collected, the products will be cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products, such as park benches and picnic tables.

Through Tula's partnership with Cloverly, customers can opt-in for carbon-neutral shipping for a small additional fee, typically less than $1.00. They can also view an emissions estimate for their order and details about the offset project that will be used to mitigate the emissions from their shipment. 

Savannah Sachs, CEO at TULA Skincare, said: “At Tula, we’re constantly exploring the latest technologies to reduce the impact we have on the environment—it’s an ongoing journey. At this stage, we are thrilled to offer different ways for our community to join us as we all do our part in protecting the planet. While our sustainability journey is always ongoing, we believe our sustainability impact will be most meaningful if we continue to work together, and look forward to growing our promising new partnerships with TerraCycle and Cloverly.”


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