eSalon Launches on Amazon

The collection available on Amazon features 60 products.
The collection available on Amazon features 60 products.

eSalon has launched its hair care products on

Products available include:

  • Weekly Retreat
  • Shine Silk
  • Universal Leave In
  • Velvet Primer
  • Triple Prep
  • Color Pro Toner

Graham Jones, CEO at eSalon, said, "We strive to meet consumers where they are and create completely customer-focused hair color and hair care journeys for them. There's been an increasing demand for our products on Amazon and we have already expanded the availability of our products through new retail experiences over the last year, so we are thrilled to hit this milestone and introduce our technology-rooted hair care offerings to broader audiences, directly in Amazon's store."

Vera Koch, VP of global marketing at eSalon, said, "Amazon shoppers will finally have the ability and convenience to add eSalon hair care essentials to the rest of their everyday purchases. It's an opportunity to add a little self-care to your cart, or to seamlessly gift eSalon to a loved one."

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