SuperOrdinary Acquires Fanfix to Streamline Brand-Creator Collaboration

Fanfix co-founders Cameron Dallas, Harry Gestetner and Simon Pompan.
Fanfix co-founders Cameron Dallas, Harry Gestetner and Simon Pompan.

SuperOrdinary has acquired Fanfix, a creator economy startup that provides access to exclusive content from Gen Z creators.

Creators will be able to forge and monetize brand partnerships, while brands will gain immediate access to millions of consumers and valuable consumer and creator insights. 

The collaboration will also lay the groundwork for the development of more creator-led brands and allow Fanfix to expand internationally, with SuperOrdinary’s access to content creators and brands in global markets.

Mirroring the success experienced in the China marketplace, SuperOrdinary is prepared to bring its KOL (key opinion leader) marketing capabilities stateside through this proprietary new medium.

Following this partnership, Fanfix has plans to expand its features to include social commerce, live streaming, Web3 tools and more.

Julian Reis, founder and CEO of SuperOrdinary, said, "We are thrilled to team up with Fanfix and build a multi-brand platform that will streamline relationships between content creators and brands. We believe that access to the global creator economy is vital to a brand’s growth in today’s marketplace and are excited to form a mutually beneficial partnership with the fastest-growing monetization platform for Gen Z creators.”

Fanfix co-founder Harry Gestetner, said "The key to Fanfix’s success has been consistently putting creators first. The partnership with SuperOrdinary is extremely exciting as it will allow us to bring a new angle of monetization to our creators and massively accelerate the success of both the creators and the brands."

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