Sephora Accelerate BIPOC Brands Launching Soon in Retailer

The brands will soon launch at Sephora.
The brands will soon launch at Sephora.

Sephora has announced the seven BIPOC brands who recently graduated from the 2023 Accelerate program and will soon launch at the retailer.

The program celebrates and supports BIPOC beauty founders as part of Sephora’s overall commitment to increasing BIPOC representation in its product assortment and the beauty industry at-large.

Below are the 2023 Accelerate brands and founders:

  • Brianna Arps, Moodeaux: The line of clean fragrances turns accessorizing your mood into mindful self-care and luxury into a lifestyle.
  • Malaika Jones, Tai Beauchamp, Nia JonesBrown Girl Jane: A wellness-first multicultural beauty and health brand focused on solution-oriented, innovative products that boost mood and reduce the appearance and feeling of stress.
  • Alicia Scott, Range Beauty: Plant-powered makeup that targets uneven tones and soothes irritated skin for melanin-rich women affected by acne and eczema.
  • Sienna Brown, Glosshood: A beauty brand with a specialty in providing niche goods that honor your inner child.
  • Camille Martin, Seaspire Skincare: Disrupting the skin care industry with new ingredients that are safer for humans and more sustainable for the environment.
  • Karen Young, OUI the People: Treatment-driven body care that is redefining the culture of beauty through a lens of inclusivity.
  • Simedar Jackson, Of Other Worlds: A clinically conscious, culturally-inclusive beauty brand that straddles the line between clean and clinical to develop skin care that doesn't compromise on effectiveness or alienate our community.
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