Unilever Full-year 2023 Results

Personal care sales increased 1.4% to €13.8 billion.
Personal care sales increased 1.4% to €13.8 billion.

Unilever has announced its full-year 2023 results, which showed sales totaled €59.6 billion, a 0.8% decrease from €60.1 billion in the previous year. Beauty and well-being sales increased 1.8% to €12.5 billion.

Personal care sales increased 1.4% to €13.8 billion.

Deodorants grew double-digit led by strong volume growth, particularly in Europe and Latin America. Dove delivered double-digit growth with the launch of Dove Advanced Care for women and the launch of a new range of Dove Men+Care antiperspirant. Axe grew high-single digit following the launch of its new, long-lasting fine fragrance collection.

Rexona grew double-digit and its range of products with 72-hour sweat and odour protection technology is now in over 100 markets

Skin cleansing delivered mid-single digit growth with positive volumes. Lux grew double-digit driven by elevated skin care benefits in soap bars from its ProGlow technology. In the United States, Dove grew mid-single digit supported by its Body Wash relaunch with new packaging and 24-hour renewing MicroMoisture technology.

Hair care grew mid-single digit through a combination of price and volume growth, with strong growth in Latin America and Turkey.

Sunsilk delivered double-digit growth for the year following a successful relaunch of the brand.

Clear delivered mid-single digit growth driven by breakthrough innovation, with Unilever's first clinically proven anti-dandruff formula powered by niacinamide concentrate to repair and strengthen the scalp’s skin barrier. 

Core Skin Care grew low-single digit driven by price. Vaseline delivered double-digit growth, reaching €1 billion of turnover in 2023.    

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